Yarn Along

I’m “hooking up” (haw haw, I’m hilarious) to “Yarn Along” (thanks to Ginny from Small Things!)

The idea is to take a single photo of what you are reading and knitting or crocheting, and link to the Yarn Along post or on Flickr.

So this is what I am crocheting at the moment- I’ve great plans for this Granny Square (gosh, do I love crocheting Granny Squares)

The book is called The Elegance of The Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery. I read The Red Tent on Monday and thought it was simply fantastic, it grabbed me immediately, whereas with this one I’m finding it considerably slower, and I think as a result, I’m finding it quite difficult to get into it… but I’m ploughing along with it and will update you later in the week… I’m waiting for it to become un-put-down-able any minute now!!!

(and I’m sure you have glazed over all of that and have fixated on my lovely hook-holder-roll- (yes, another present from my sickenly talented pals-the bar was just set way too high this year) not only is it beautiful and fantastically useful,  it matches the granny square perfectly!!)