The Chicken Beast

After a late start to this New Year, we spent the morning painting and working on our Sketchbook Project

(getting somewhere, at last)

The Wee One painted alongside

(note her paintbrush, which is just the best one for smallies- you can fill it with water and then when it is dipped in paint, it works like a felt-tip pen. I have a bee in my bonnet over giving children sub-standard art materials and watching them struggle to try and express themselves with plastic bristles and paint which is gloopy and has no pigment…. ahhhhhhh)


After a long painting session, while serving many “tups of tea” in her little wooden cups, she retired to her treehouse where she was terrorised by…a chicken outside the door

(most children have imaginary friends, our smallest has an imaginary chicken, who won’t let her leave her house. Frequently her brothers are employed to fight this aggressive beast of a chicken. The ensuing battles where one of them rolls around the floor making suitable “Pow!” “Clunk!” “Argh!” noises are quite spectacular)