Landscape: Photographic

The rain has been thundering down all day, the last of our snow is gone, and we are hugely relieved to have temperatures warmer than -14!! 

When the rain stopped for a while today, I went for a lovely, long walk down the boreen beside us.

There haven’t been cows down there since the start of December, yet there was much evidence of them: I’m not sure if you can see the large piles of cow poop on the ground, it was obviously frozen and now has thawed…

(is this too much information? This kind of thing has my kids out with microscopes, specimen jars and spatulas. There is an ongoing obsession with poops in our house) 

After the clean ethereal beauty of the snow, the landscape looks mucky and waterlogged,

plenty of puddles in every field,

drains overflowing…

Serious amounts of painterly inspiration!!