Advent, Day 19: Rainbow Doll Giveaway!

This day has passed at speed-

I made some rolled fabric roses (tutorial to come on these- so simple and so pretty!),

Polka-Dot Baby (fondly known as Spotty around here) was finished

(Orange baby was finished last night and lay waiting to be found this morning peeping out from behind the pillow!),

a baby toy lamb whose ear had parted company was sewn back on,

gallons of tea drank (thank you Seamus for keeping us in Snack-bars all week!!) and more dolls are being made… 

Which brings me to a Christmas Giveaway!

The winner will win a Rainbow Baby (in the fleece above) with an orange hat. 

So, how can you enter??!

Leave a comment here on this post, or on Mondays (tomorrows) post and I’ll pick a winner on Tuesday morning and send it off then too.

(can’t guarantee you will get it before Christmas though, unless you are in Ireland!)

or email me at: info{at}

 Good luck!!