Advent: Day 5: No-Sew Blanket

I’m still without my own camera, but Fergal got a loan of one for me, so I can do the final pictures of this incredibly easy No-Sew Blanket

(I got the how-to from this wonderful woman called Tammy last year, thank you Tammy! XXX)

This makes a very fast, easy gift, you could easily make it in an hour or two, and once it is cut, any child able to make a secure knot can be employed to help put it together!

(Apologies for the quality of the photo! But needs must etc etc)

The No-Sew Blanket

Materials: fleece material (I use two different patterns, or one plain and one pattern to make it easier to see when putting it together), sissors, pins, measuring tape (and the obligatory cup of tea)

The How-To:

You cut 2 pieces of fleece the same size. Pin one side, approximately 5 inches in

Make sure you have a child in a boat made from a vegetable box, sail over and try to steal your pins, and after that, cut into the fabric, 5 inches in, 1 inch apart, the whole length of the fabric, then repeat for each side.

For the corners, cut them out like this: (i.e. cut a 5″ x 5″ square from each corner)

Once you have all the cuts made, start to knot (yes, just a knot!) around the sides. I tend to knot the middle of each side and corners first to hold it all together, 

then continue to knot, until all the strips are knotted together. Go back over each knot to secure, and and make sure the knot is tight (it is incredibly difficult to pull the knots out once they are tightly knotted)

This also makes a really great present for an older person, as a lap blanket, or for a small child as a buggy blanket. 

Make sure to buy enough fleece, because as soon as you have made one, due to the addictive, relaxing rhythm of the knotting, you are sure to want to make another!!

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~A year later, I am also adding this to Craft♥Advent 2011~