The Start of Our Present-Making

Having creative children is great.

You can blame them for the constant mess in the house, and greatly enjoy watching them create alongside you…

(Herself hindering helping me make some paper-cloth)

(the usual mess creative space on our kitchen table)

And I love when we come across something that just sparks a mad frenzy of “making”…

in this case a wonderful Usborne book I bought at the Ballinasloe Christmas Craft Fair last Sunday from

Halpin Books here

I knew that second eldest boy (9) would just love this, and he did, and we have had many lovely days of super-creative making.

This is one project he made for his penguin (“pen-goo-in”)-mad sister


There has been so much joy making gifts from this book…  

and our hope to make most of our Christmas presents this year is starting to look like a reality!!