Terryglass Arts Festival

We went to Terryglass Arts Festival yesterday… it was FAN-TASTIC!

Terryglass is an idyllic village on the shores of Lough Derg, amid the rolling hills of Co. Tipperary.

Andrea from Lush Stuff was there with all her gorgeous bags and purses (in a most picturesque setting),

and basketmakers,

musicians, (these are the Heathers, who were really great)

This electric bicycle was made entirely from recycled materials, including gorgeous little leather side-bag satchels- oh, I lusted!!!


There was an exhibition of Irish country furniture- I really want to paint my dresser and I’m sorely tempted to paint it like this- watch this space!!

Down by the lake there was music and water-skiing (we couldn’t resist taking a photo of this dog in a life-jacket: I think Pebbles may be getting a new coat!)

There is a small parkland by the lake, with a holy well, and small stream, playground and walkways…

There was a chainsaw-artist (didn’t get his name) who was carving with chainsaws, and produced amid a ton of sawdust, this:

The most enjoyable part for us were the floating figures on the lake by Gerardine Wisdom, a local artist who works with rushes she picks from the lake, making sculptures with a aquatic theme- aren’t they extraordinary?