We celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary this week (*awww!!*), 

I completely forgot as usual, and Beloved Husband didn’t. As usual. 

Flowers, cards and a sleep-in by myself for an extra hour (don’t children make you appreciate the simplest of things?!) 

As it happened, we were going to Fanore in Co. Clare with some good friends for the night. So as it progressively got wetter and wetter, off we went, packed with our dinner marinading, fresh scones, jam and wetsuits (we knew it would be irrelevant to our children as to whether there were storms, freezing temperature or pouring rain. If we are beside the sea, they will get in for a swim)

And there we were, deep in the Burren with purple-y hills stepping down to the sea, enjoying some great conversation washed down with pots of tea and nice things…


Then we walked down to the empty beach when the rain stopped for a bit and while all the children threw themselves into the sea with excited abandon, I photographed these extraordinary skies and wild sea…

…and then back for more buckets of tea and scones and jam in the camper van while five children watched a dvd on my laptop “upstairs”!

The next day, in the pouring rain, all my boys went swimming in a (warm) sea (I wilted in the camper van hence the lack of photos) and then spent some glorious few hours talking more crochet and crafts and all the new delights we are adding to our Nest in the coming weeks… (I got a sneak preview as we were holidaying with one of our new “makers”, and boy, am I excited!!)

…before we travelled home to our little yappy dog, four thousand cats*, one hen, three chicks, two ducks and a rather handsome rooster. We brought some of the sea with us, though, and that night we feasted on freshly caught mackeral and potatoes from the garden…

Ahhh yes, I think we are slowly perfecting the perfect holiday formula 🙂 

(*perhaps a slight exaggeration…)