Doll Cake Tutorial

Well, I finished the doll in time for the birthday…

She remained naked, unfortunately, as I weighed up the possibilities of finishing her dress or making the birthday cake. So I chose the birthday cake..!

This is SUCH an easy cake to make- it relies heavily on as much (EDIBLE!!!) glittery, beady bits as you can find. I also cut out tiny circles to give a very fashionable polka-dot effect!!

Here is a quick tutorial, but have a go, it’s great fun (apart from the fact that the Birthday Girl didn’t quite get that the dress was the cake until we eventually cut it!!) and pretty easy (let me tell you, I am no Sprinkles when it comes to decorating cakes…)

Firstly, find a doll- I find the barbie dolls are a little too tall, so I bought a “Moxie-Doll”(the feet also came off which was a bonus). I made double the amount of this buttermilk cake– this cake can hold the weight of extraordinary amounts of icing and decoration. I made it in 2 cake tins and a deep round cereal bowl, left it to cool overnight and in the morning, made up a bowl of buttercream icing, and assembled the three on top of each other.

(Buttercream icing: approx. half a cup of soft butter to 2 cups of icing sugar, beat with a mixer or whisk, and soften it with a tablespoon of milk if necessary. You need it pliable, but NOT runny)

Take off the dolls clothes, (close your eyes at any nudity please. Goodness, the tone of this blog is plummeting into unknown depths)

and plunge her into the centre of the cake ( let me just point out here that if there are any children or so-inclined adults present they will find this utterly fascinating)

Carefully carve from the doll-waist down, creating a bell shape for the skirt (if you make a complete bags of it, you can fill the holes in with icing)

Colour your roll-out fondant icing, and roll it out into a long flat sheet. Spread the dress with butter icing and lay the rolled out icing onto it, shaping and chopping as necessary.

It looks quite rough at this stage, but I gently massaged it, and it smoothed out quite a lot (warmth of hand and circular motion)

Roll out a smaller piece and shape the bodice, again cutting it to shape.

Then let loose your inner bling-bling girlie and cover it with ridiculous amount of glitter, beads etc, sticking all on with butter icing. Remember you are not aiming for realism here!!!!!!

 This is definitely a wow-factor cake, and it tastes really delicious too! Next up is a dino- mountain or life sized dinosaur (!)…

Oh great.