Only a few days to go!!

I am under a bit of pressure… not the usual kind where I decide to do something inhumanely possible a few hours before the deadline, no, I did start this late week…

I have the doll almost finished, and am decidedly chuffed with her. I’m been busily sewing while our little one is asleep, and like every doll I make, I love the process and am so excited to see this little “person” emerge at the end.

I’m hoping to sew some clothes for her tonight, and make a little pair of shoes, because, as you can see, I have the slight problem in that she is completely naked.

The boys made her a toga out of toilet paper to protect her modesty, but that didn’t quite cut the mustard.

(Just a note: although this was made in the “Waldorf Tradition”, most Waldorf dolls have no detail at all, but our birthday girl is “into” bums, bellybuttons, boo-boos for nursing, toes and fingers at the moment, hence the extras!!)