Hooky Hook-Ups and Other Things…

I’ve found the past few months pretty overwhelming- I had way too much to do, and no time to do it… but now at last, thankfully, things are starting to slow down… and I’m ploughing through my “to-do” list with relief. Orders are being made for new books, puppets and wooden toys; I’m working on a whole new series of personalised illustrative paintings, prints and stationery- more, and photos on that later in the week!- and I’ve started other mixed media paintings- ones I’ve been gathering materials, ideas and drawings for, for weeks and months. 

I’ve also sorted out where we will start our crochet get-togethers – Andrea of Lush stuff and Dream Interiors very kindly has offered her beautiful shop space in Ballinasloe- so we now just to get in a few hooke – (ooops, was just about to say hookers- mightn’t be quite the terminology I was looking for) crochet-minded individuals (on that note: Clare, if you are reading this, will you get in touch with me, my phone has wiped out my entire contact list… 🙁  ) and we are away. Hopefully we will have our “Crochet Appreciation Society” up and running in the next few weeks!

And just to leave you with an image that makes me weep…. with delight..!

All from the polytunnel over the weekend… yay!