Show & Tell Friday

Show & Tell Friday! Woo-hoo!!

Where do I start? Well, I got up that little bit extra early today and trotted out to the polytunnel to get the handful (literally) of ripe fruit there (raspberries and strawberries) before my delightful little monsters children cleared the branches. So, with my 120gms of fruit, I cooked them up with 120gms of sugar while I made a few scones and whipped up some vanilla sugar in the cream. 

 Beloved and I had our scones in a rather boring fashion- jam with cream on top; Wee One just dispensed with the scone altogether and just ate the jam and cream (definitely my daughter)

(Mother, and all those doubters out there, this photo is pictorial evidence that we are actually out of bed before 11am)


So, with brekkie out of the way, and the menu for the day planned, I finished off the sewing I needed to do. (Didn’t want to disappoint anyone and be actually organised)

And here it is!

The hand-stitched, thrifted, recycled, crocheted bag!

I used a cream vintage, Irish wool blanket that I bought for a song in a charity shop, felted it in the washing mashine, hand stitched with a running stitch in orange, then top stitched in cream. The crochet granny squares were stitched to the front; I covered a button in the wool felt ( that was the HARDEST bit!!) and made a little crochet loop. 

I’m thoroughly delighted with it, and am in the middle of making a tutorial, I’ll hopefull post it tomorrow or Sunday.

Thanks Andrea for hosting such a great “Lush Friday” event! Pop over to her blog: Lush Stuff to see all the other great makes!