Gorgeous Grannies

I have a ginger-y sister living in Germany who recently gave me a bag of the most delicious bright cotton yarns (thank you xxx mwah xxx)

Yesterday,  I could no longer ignore their colourful cries of “use me, use me!!” and started a bit of “happy hooking”, resulting in these gorgeous grannies (squares, that is)

So every tea break I stop for, out comes the crochet bag and the shivers of excitement as I see the pile of grannies getting bigger…

Haven’t an idea what they will eventually become- I’m thinking a bag perhaps? Or a tea cosy? Skirt?!

On other unrelated notes: Our first raspberries and strawberries are ripe- the few strawberries are eaten straight away, “Piglette” is a fruit fiend- she just about left the raspberries on the table for the photograph,

then noshed a fistful before her brothers got a chance to even get a second.

Somehow I think my jam making will be hindered by lack of fruit this year…