In the wilds of Clare…

I’m starting to fear that you may think that all we do is eat and have delicious picnics and adventures that feed your soul…


I’m somewhat slow therefore to even start telling you about the weekend we had…

On this warm June weekend we travelled to Co. Clare to indulge our inner feral selves, and to take part in a Bushcraft weekend- (woodland survival skills)- facilitated by  Chris Holland from Wholeland.  

The sun shone all weekend as Chris patiently showed us how to carve spears,

spoons, (we have been carving spoons, sporks (spoon/fork) and other delights ever since)

light fires

and forage for food (I will happily be stranded in a woods for ever more)…

Chris told stories that had everyone enthralled, even the smallest ones were completely absorbed; he played digeridoo

(and some other funny instrument)

and interspersed games incorporating everything that we had learned throughout the weekend (plenty of throwing spears through hoops and squirting water at people- needless to say our boys had a ball).

In the evening as the sun set, we had stories and a bonfire,

and barbequed bananas with chocolate- yum-cious!!

The whole weekend was deliciously relaxed, with children running wild in between times, and there were plenty of tea ceremonies to be had…

at every available opportunity…!

On the last day, we made clay sculptures and did a little environmental art…

We came home armed to the teeth with the spears, knives, sticks of various sizes, drawings, and Chris’ own book “I Love My World”,

which is simply fantastic (we are implementing time slots so that everyone can have a read!!)

The book is available here, and would make a fantastic present for… well, anyone really!

We are now at peace with our untamed garden, verdant and lush with buttercups, dock leaves, wild orchids and nettles- ‘cos, hey, we can eat most of it!!!!

Thank you Chris~ for a truly memorable weekend!

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