The Horse Whisperer

Our Home Education group met near Tuam, Co. Galway yesterday, at Lauras stables to meet the horses she has been rehabilitating, “Horse-Whisperer” -style.

We had lots of small and not so small kiddies (we are a burgeoning group here in the west!) who helped brush, pick hooves and feed the horses.

Lauras uncle kindly loaned us his puppies which were a huge attraction,

and afterwards we sat in this beautifully scenic field (complete with dead crow, we found out later- “not fresh kill” I was confidently told by one four year old)


where we had our picnic (there seems to be a common thread running through this blog) and natter before extricating our children from a hole in the hedge (the camp) two fields away to go home.

Next week we are going to a story-telling session in a caravan (not sure whether it is a gypsy caravan or Father Ted style…) Eclectic, that’s us… 🙂