A cardigan for Hannah

I know I’ve been unbelieveably tardy on the blogging front, but I’ve been simply too busy. So I’m going to put up all my posts in one go- in bite-sized chunks- I don’t want to go down in history as having the longest post EVER :-))

I completed this cardigan for Hannah, (I was going to do a tutorial, but I made it up as I went along, measuring it against another cardigan, so I’ll have to sit down and work out what I actually did)

this matching bag


and this corsage for her lovely mother !

I’m inundated with work to do for college- I’m finishing by the end of June, and have assignments to do, homeopathic cases to write up and prescribe on.

I’ve spent the afternoon with Flash the rooster, crowing in the backgound,

Pebbles lying on my feet, and the cats prowling around trying to drink the milk from the jug.

It’s hard work… but someones gotta do it 😀