Yarn and Loveliness

I’ve been meaning to post about a few delicious blogs I’m following for a while now.

The first, Attic24 has all the ingredients for a great read: lovely photos, inspiration, colour and patterns…

as does The Adventures of the Gingerbread Lady… check out the pattern for the SoSiYa Sock Yarn hat– one of these days I’m going to give it a go, I’m not the greatest pattern-reader, but the patterns on this blog are really easy to follow, and with great diagrams.

And for us Irish yarn-users, I have found a wonderful yarn supplier here in Ireland: “The Constant Knitter”, (they supply worldwide, not just Ireland) the prices are really excellent, and I’m salivating at the thought of putting in an order!!!

Childhood Magic has so many projects, I’d need a couple more weeks to complete them: but I’ve Dearly Beloved lined up to help me make these wooden buttons... I just need to find The Perfect Log…

Creative Kismet, just blog-loveliness in a nutshell: art, recipes, more art… 

Thats it for now, I’ve more, but I thought if I didn’t post these now I never would!!!


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