OWOH Winners!

Firstly, can I just say a huge thank you to everyone who visited, and especially those who left such lovely, kind comments… I’m going to miss this great Carpet Ride! But, we have to land some time and we have just come back down to earth (so to speak) I still have so many blogs that I just didn’t get to visit, but am slowly working my way through the list…

(thought the chocolate cake was appropriate since it is kind of a party…)

Thank you, thank you, thank you Lisa from a whimsical bohemian ~ we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And so for my winners:

Missy from : misfitmomma.blogspot.com, (journal)

Melissa from honeygirlstudio.blogspot.com (mend & make do box)

and Jan   from jansartyatcjourney.blogspot.com (crochet corsage)

All have beautiful, inspiring blogs, check them out!!!

I’ll try to stop being so tardy from now on and post more often (thanks for the gentle reminder Andrea!!!, ha ha)

And so off to make dinner (something lovely)

Congratulations again!