Painting, Pukes and Sewing Boxes

Made a giant mess of a painting today…PICT0102 thankfully hadn’t it ear-marked for anyone in particular…. so right before I began to stitch into the paper, immediately after I decided to give it an “antique-y” wash of dilute coffee, and forgot that the wording was in watercolour ink, and I hadn’t “set” it (I usually give it a wash of dilute PVA and water to stop it from seeping if it gets a spot of liquid near it) and it all pooled into a big purple blur. Great. So I added more coffee water (!) and then patted the paint off the letters. I’m hoping that this will add to the painting as opposed to killing it completely… But its great sometimes that things go completely awry, reminds you that you have no control of anything and keeps you on your toes!! I’ll keep you posted on its progress…



My sewing boxes are coming along nicely- just about to embellish. I didn’t forget to wash these with PVA thankfully!! The roll of lace in the photo is true vintage delight from Paperhill on Etsy (link on last post) It’s just simply gorgeous, can’t wait to use it! Just hoping our baby is over her vomiting bug… 2 full nights of vomiting and a sad baby, one full bath of yeukky clothes and one frozen washing machine!!!