Christmas has begun

We are just shortly back from the beautiful St. Catherine’s Church at the annual Christmas Concert. We have gone every year since we arrived here, and this really marks the start to the festivities in our home.




The gravel pathway to the church door was lit up, and (as usual) we were late, so in the cold December night air we could hear carols and then applause…



Inside, the hallway was glowing with candles and greenery, infused with the waft of the mulled wine slowly simmering away…



Tea-lights placed in every corner, wrapped in ivy…


This really marks the start of the festive season for us… the evening is packed with readings- I love “A Christmas Childhood” by Patrick Kavanagh!- music, carols and the high point every year is the hauntingly beautiful “O Holy Night”.



When we are all saturated with Yuletide delight, the mulled wine is served alongside trays piled high with mince pies, biscuits and sandwiches.




The church is glowing with candles and decorated so beautifully with holly, ivy and poinsettas. Our boys and little girl sat up there tonight, snuggled up in many warm layers, quiet and wide eyed…




this is what Christmas is all about.