Extraordinary Stillness

It was an extraordinary day of stillness today… PICT0004a week of biblical-like flooding and waking up to freezing fog this morning, we didn’t reckon our chances to have a queue of people in our wee shop… PICT0016…but thank you to all those who have been visiting us online! And for those brave few who made it over for a visit!! We are eternally grateful that we are primarily an online shop, especially in the week when we were pretty much stranded because of the rain and today because the weather was so bad it was hazardous to drive anywhere!PICT0017

But we did plenty- took some very atmospheric pictures in the morning, with not a sound from anywhere, there were simply no cars around…PICT0019












PICT0028(Isn’t this like a Japanese print??)

and continued making for our “handmade” section in the shop…



…Fergal made lunch…


PICT0079and interesting egg formations…

and, most importantly! beloved husband and I made some mince pies with the mincemeat I made 2 weeks ago…PICT0081


PICT0082(Fergal reckons Mr Kipling won’t be head-hunting him for his pastry-finishing capabilities… I reckon it won’t matter a whit what they look like once they come out of the oven!!)



and by gum, were they delicious!!