November Harvest and Crafting amidst the floods!

Well, wow, have we had Rain here over the past few days… so much so, that now we are somewhat stranded as all the roads to and from our house are flooded.

       PICT0078      PICT0079     PICT0077

And, even though the weather is rather inclement, there is nothing nicer if, like me, snuggling down in a warm bed with a little nursling, with the rain is drumming on the roof, is your idea of heaven!

But… we have plenty of food and plenty to do, and this morning when the sun came out we had a wander around our sodden garden… and a splash in the puddles…


The polytunnel was warm, and I came in with my pockets bulging with tomatoes, courgettes, RASPBERRIES!! (in late November!!!) and  a bunch of roses, geraniums and hebe for the table.


I have been trying to finish dolls and corsages for the “handmade weekend” next weekend;  I have a commission for a doll so I’m presently making her a head of hair and want to make her clothes tomorrow. And I’ve been working on a pattern for a weighted baby doll, trying to co-ordinate what is in my head and put it down on paper (and fabric!) So there are bits of dolls all over the place: here is one of my boxes of body-bits!!


And so to tell you more about our “handmade weekend”: well! Next weekend (last weekend in November) and the following weekend (first weekend in December) we are showcasing beautiful, handmade crafts and gifts made here in Ireland by independent crafts people- and truly have we a feast in store: dolls, patchwork and crochet blankets, cushions, corsages, felt, cards, decorations, soaps… to name a few and whatever else we find between here and next week! My mincemeat is made, ready for mince-pies, and I’ll start the mulled wine later in the week to ensure the Christmas aroma in time!

Hope to see you here, or if not, online from Thursday when I hope to have uploaded most of the delights… and delights they really are, unfortunately I won’t be able to provide the mince pies over the ‘net, but I’ll post a few pictures instead!!