Fairycakes (for added insulation)


We went visiting today… bringing these fairycakes which were decidedly “short” (buttery, like shortbread) Then I realised I had overdone the butter ratio… something I must definitely do again, once I taste-tested them with a hot cup of tea!!



Choc Chip Fairycakes (with added tasty cholesterol, ha ha)


In my “vintage” Kenwood mixer (best auction buy ever) I tossed in 250g butter, approx 225g caster sugar and whizzed up til fluffy. I cracked in 2 eggs, then approx 225g of self-raising flour. It all looked a bit dry, so I added approx 3 tablespoons of milk, 1 twirl bar and 1 dairymilk (for good measure) I got 36 decent buns from this mixture, not that you would know since my hungry savages scoffed most of them before we got out to the car…