Handmade goodies (with tea!!)


Afternoon Tea-I don’t actually take sugar, but, hey, how could I not put this gorgeous

polka-dot sugar bowl into the photo? The little blondie in the background was too engrossed in his game to move and his head kept ducking into the frame! This little red enamelled teapot was one I bought shortly before I had baby last year and is such a gorgeous colour, very cheery on a cold morning! And, oh, look what I have to accompany me while I have my tea (and I’m not talking about the apple cake!!!!)? I was in town earlier and saw this and couldn’t resist. Sew Hip, sister magazine of Yarn Forward (knitting) and Inside Crochet (Crochet!!) have only been around a short while, but are making a serious impression on the crafting community with great reviews, lots of free patterns and interviews with fantastic contemporary designers. It’s really tapping into the huge upsurge of interest in all things crafty.. I can’t wait to have a good read, they always have something inspirational!


The tomatoes are coming to the end in the polytunnel, I am making and freezing the sauce so we can have a taste of the summer in the coming months. This sauce is slightly different than the one in the last post, but tastes just as delicious!!

Roast the tomatoes with roughly chopped garlic, mixed herbs, a spoon or two of brown sugar, a large glug of olive oil and a good pinch of salt for about 45 minutes to an hour until the skins are slightly browning. Press the entire dish of roasted tomatoes through a sieve and either use straight away or freeze for later. Be prepared for a “taste explosion”!!


I have been meaning to photograph these dolls for the past two weeks. My dear Dorothy (of the Dorothy-hat fame) has a sister-in-law Dilis who made these when she was only sixteen, aren’t they cute? I was very kindly bequeathed these, and am really touched that I was entrusted with them and that they have come into our house- a very auspicious start to my doll making career! I thought the smaller one with tears was so sad, but our smallest little one is very taken with her, and wanders around with her in her arms throughout the day, she must sense her need for extra love!! Aren’t they beautifully made? Look at the petticoats with the lace trim… Gosh, I can’t imagine having made these when I was sixteen!


And now our little one is just up from her sleep- note the fluffy hair!- she comes down to the kitchen and checks out the dog (matching hair, ha ha) through the window, shouts at the cats, and orders us all around. I am compiling my handmade goodies for our handmade weekend and my (impending) Etsy shop, and have a basket of crocheted corsages waiting for our “Handmade” labels to be sewn on the back, but I think I will have to wait until later before I get them finished…  Ah, I think it’s time to go…..