New Toys and Websites-hurray!!


Took a few photos the other day… we (without a doubt I am using this as the “royal we”- John & Joyce at Pixelcode are actually doing the work, I’m merely nodding enthusiastically) are in the process of completely overhauling the website- very soon, it will be brand-spanking-new!! and even easier to use, with lots of cool stuff (well, Pixelcode is truly an ultra cool kind of place….) (Have I enough brownie points now??) So I took a few snaps, thought the toy displays were pretty- well, okay, really, until my son (8) decided to redo them all, and reckons they are considerably better- so I’ll be out tomorrow with my camera and an almost-walking baby hanging out of my leg (so professional, thats me)…

Fishing games and Toss-a Hoop…..



The only range of Family Pastimes Co-operative games in Ireland!!…



some incredibly beautiful Barefoot Books, Fruit’n’Veg’n’Pastries, Pizzas and cakes

(good enough to eat indeed)

PICT0024And lots and lots more….

Between new website and new stock arriving (hardly have time to upload it) these are very busy and exciting weeks for us!