Broody: Homebirths and Babies

Well, we have been crocheting like loons once more for Kellys Pub ( and can see an end in site! Once they are done we are  starting straight into getting ready for our handmade@theNest weekend in October- it is all looking very exciting!

John and Joyce at Pixelcode ( are working on our new website and we have been having chats about integrating Facebook and Twitter with this blog… just need another 24 hours in every day…

We were blessed with a visit from an extraordinary woman yesterday-Tammy is an American Homebirth midwife over here to “catch” a baby (don’t you just love that expression?) We have a long and varied chat about homebirthing, breastfeeding, attachment parenting… and social media!!

And talking about Americans, Homebirth and babies- an American friend of mine is in my thoughts at the moment-she is in the first trimester of her fourth pregnancy- and hoping for a homebirth in the south of Ireland next year… while closer to home my sister is due her baby in a couple of weeks! I cannot wait!! Doesn’t it make you broody?!